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To safeguard your many Land Rover journeys to come, our well-equipped services deliver the best in manufacturing assistance, genuine parts and motoring emergencies.



Using cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to identify problems, our specialists refer to Land Rover's Global Technical Reference Manual and use tools specifically designed for our cars. Every Land Rover Approved Service Centre is linked to Land Rover's Electronic Parts Catalogue as well, so your Service Advisor can quickly get a hold of our genuine Land Rover parts.

All new Land Rover models now come with Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance for 5 years or 65,000 km*, whichever occurs first. A Service Interval Indicator appears every 13,000 km* or 12 months, whichever occurs first, telling you when necessary vehicle maintenance needs to be scheduled.

Some owners may wish to have their engine oil changed more frequently than required, should the vehicle have a high proportion of short journeys or operate in severe conditions. These extra services may be performed on a customer pay basis.

*Service interval and maximum mileage may vary with model.



Complimentary Roadside Assistance for new Land Rover models lasts for the first 3 years. This programme provides assistance in motoring emergencies, all the way from immobilisation due to breakdown to minor emergencies such as punctures.

A Land Rover-trained technician can usually solve the problem at the roadside. If not, we will take your car to a Land Rover Approved Service Centre and pay for your onward travel.

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