New Range Rover Global Media drive event held in San Francisco, California.

General Director of Buro Mongolia Ms.Sodgerel traveled to Califronia to attend The New Range Rover Global Media drive event held in San Francisco, California. She is sharing her experience with the most desirable Range Rover ever made.

Loyal customers have been waiting a long time for the new Range Rover, which has not undergone significant changes to its body design since 2003. It has been several months since people around me started placing an order from the beginning, according to rumors that the updated model will be released in 2023.

StarChase Automotive Limited LLC, the official distributor of Jaguar Land Rover in Mongolia, is preparing to introduce the new Range Rover to the public in cooperation with the Buro, so our readers will soon be able to see the brand new model up close. The international presentation was organized by Jaguar Land Rover's UK parent company. There was an opportunity to test drive the new car in very beautiful places. Of course, the British, just like their Range Rover, do everything in a luxurious and comfortable way, and our trip was great.

The main event of the presentation was a business class flight from Mongolia to the United States, landing at the airport, greeted by a new Autobiography Range Rover, a comfortable car with a back seat to a five-star hotel, and a private flight to Napa and Sonoma Valley, the American wine region. When we landed in the Napa Valley, more than 20 "Sunset Gold" 2023 Range Rover cars were waiting in line. At that moment, when I saw the new Range Rover, the first thing that came to my mind was that it was a real success in terms of exterior design. The brand's designers are well aware that consumers really love the shape of the car, so they have kept the shape, but updated it to hide many details that made it look more neat and modern. When the rear brake lights don't turn on, they look like a black frame and become part of the car's decoration, but when they do, the design team introduces a bright LED light that has never been used in any car before. The car door handles are also hidden and are designed to be exposed when the car is commanded to open. All the journalists gathered there were instructed by the managers of the head office from England: "Drive straight to the navigated address. We will be waiting for you there." I had to drive for three hours to get to my destination. As soon as I got into the new Range Rover, I thought, "Oh there is 4 separate drink holders and It'll have all the drinks, phones, and keys for the passengers in the front seat. I was struggling to find the ignition key for a moment and found it in near by the gearbox. This gave the car a softer, more comfortable feel than previous models. It's more comfortable, but the body is 50% stronger than its predecessor, which is a huge safety advantage.

Another advantage of proving that it is one of the most comfortable cars on the highway from point A to point B is the noise-cancelling system, which has reduced noise by 24% compared to its predecessor. The new Range Rover also features 35 speakers from the Meridian Signature Sound System, and a new 2.4-inch speaker on the four-passenger airbag, making it more comfortable for passengers and eliminating the need for loud talking while driving and making it possible to talk by voice. In making this itinerary, we wanted to let Range Rover customers on the northeast coast of California know what roads they are on, ”said Richard Agnew, the brand's international spokesman. While touring the exhibition, I was able to fully experience the speed and power of the Range Rover. In particular, the Range Rover is not only a comfortable car to ride in the city, but also an off-road vehicle that can easily cross any road.

When we arrived, we had lunch in a private house with beautiful scenery and interesting architectural solutions. After that, we drove for another five hours to test three different types of Range Rover (P400 6-cylinder, D350 6-cylinder, P530 4.4-litre V8 Twin Turbo) at the Montage Healdsburg resort in Sonoma. We were excited to try out the new model, which includes a backrest for picnics and even a special container for drinks. I was also interested in the fact that for the first time in the history of the car there was a choice of seven seats with three rows, and I liked the fact that at the push of a button, the seats were confiscated and the third-row passenger could get out of the car. The most impressive model of the Range Rover is, of course, the long wheelbase SV. It can be described as the best of the luxury cars. The back row has soft upholstered chairs, an automatic table and beverage container, an automatic opening and closing refrigerator, ceramic fittings, and a beautifully crafted leather interior. In addition, the new Range Rover will prove to be more modern and in 2024 will introduce a fully electric model.