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Every single component of your Land Rover has been expertly engineered for your bespoke vehicle. So why compromise performance with inferior parts?

All Land Rover Genuine Parts have been designed, manufactured and tested with Land Rover's uncompromising standards to give you complete confidence in fit, quality, durability and function. Best of all, every Land Rover Genuine Part comes with a 12-month vehicle parts warranty.

All Land Rover Genuine Parts can be ordered at any Land Rover dealership. Ask your dealer for details.


Designed to strike the balance between power and refinement, Land Rover Genuine Exhausts are calibrated to Land Rover's stringent standards. Stainless steel gives the entire exhaust system a robust and durable structure able to withstand exhaust gas temperatures in excess of 700ºC.

The system is calibrated to deliver an optimised acoustic experience during all driving conditions, commensurate with the legislative requirements. The exhausts are then subjected to over 1,000 hours of rigorous testing to ensure optimum performance in a variety of challenging driving conditions. The result? Superlative performance and fuel economy.


Corrosive and harmful products don't stand a chance against a Land Rover Genuine Fuel Filter. Filtering out water, dirt, sand, rust and contaminates from the diesel fuel at a microscopic level, these filters provide optimum protection to your fuel injector and surrounding components.

Naturally, our Genuine Fuel Filters are tested within an inch of their life for durability, corrosion, pressure cycle and safety crashing. That’s what makes them Land Rover.


Land Rover Genuine Oil Filters are put through an extreme climate development process that includes thousands of hours of engine tests, and tens of thousands of miles of intense vehicle testing.

By using Genuine Oil Filters, replaced at specified service intervals, you can be confident of the quality, fit, durability and function of your Land Rover and its component parts.


One of the thrills of driving an adventurous Land Rover is being out and about in the fresh air. And thanks to the demanding standards of Land Rover Genuine Air Filters, your engine gets the clean, flowing air it needs too. Our air filters provide a micron level of filtration protection against any harmful particles such as dirt and dust – crucial in off-road conditions.

In addition, each air filter is calibrated to work with a specific Land Rover vehicle derivative. This enables sufficient air flow required by the engine system and its sensors to ensure uncompromised engine performance and fuel economy, as well as minimised tailpipe emissions.


If you only drive on normal roads, you only need normal wheels, but who needs normal when you own a Land Rover? To get the most out of Land Rover's legendary capabilities and refined composure, you need Genuine Alloy Wheels. Our wheels are rigorously developed to meet these exacting standards:

Crafted with an aluminium and silicon alloy for optimum strength and durability, each wheel is scrutinised by X-ray to check it’s free from even microscopic cracks.

Engineered to precise geometric and balance standards, our alloy wheels help provide a safer clearance from components (such as brake callipers). The result? Uncompromising capability on and off-road.

Our Genuine Alloy Wheels are analysed for resistance to corrosive fluids, such as brake fluid, fuel and cleaning products during a punishing 12-week dynamic corrosion test. After which, a relentless 1,000 hour salt spray test.

The Pendulum Impact Test simulates kerb strike impacts against each alloy wheel at its weakest and strongest points. This structural behaviour test helps ensure optimal safety and shock absorption, protecting vehicles and passengers alike.


Take the scorching dusty heat of Death Valley, or the sub-zero climes of northern Scandinavia. Extreme, but no match for Land Rover Genuine Brake Discs and Pads. After up to 12 months of meticulous design and development, we run a series of punishing tests on:

The most extreme temperature and weather conditions on Earth are used to measure and eradicate refinement issues, such as brake squeal and juddering.

Land Rover Genuine Brakes are run through the industry standard AMS Brake Fade test. After the test vehicle rapidly accelerates up to 100 kph, the brakes are applied as hard as possible until the vehicle comes to a stop. This procedure is repeated non-stop for 12 cycles to ensure that safe stopping performance is not compromised during the test.

Driving tests on winding mountain roads in the French Alps push disc and pad temperatures to over 500°C, with prolonged and strenuous breaking. Even under such extreme conditions, our brake pads and discs remain stable and steady.

Pedal Feel
All Land Rover Genuine Brakes are designed to handle a 'Chauffeur Stop', to ensure that the vehicle is capable of stopping smoothly at a variety of both high and low speeds. Furthermore, this capability helps provide secure and accessible deceleration, which the driver feels through the brake pedal.

The superior stopping ability of our brakes is demonstrated through a parking test. We ensure certain Land Rover vehicles are able to hold stationary on a steep 30° (58% gradient) incline, using only the Park Brake System.

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